Enter the patient's HIV mutations here, either with or without the mutated amino acid but using uppercase (eg, M184V or 184V). You can use "ins" or "del" as needed (eg, K67del). Separate mutations with commas. Example: 184V, 65R
Options for patients with poor adherence.
Viral Load
Select the patient's HIV viral load (if known).
CD4 Cell Count
Select the patient's CD4 cell count (if known).
Select the patient's HLA-B5701 status (if known).
Select the patient's HIV tropism (if known).
Select (from drop-down list) or enter the patient's comorbidities or side effects from current ARV medications, or if the patient is pregnant.
Select (from drop-down list) or enter patient's current medications.
Enter the patient's previous ART medications on which the patient had detectable viremia (i.e., failing regimen). Do not include the current regimen (if any).
Enter the patient's current regimen (if any).
Exclude these ARVs
Check any ARVs you would like to exclude due to Allergies, Side Effects or other reasons. Older and less preferred ARVs are pre-selected for exclusion. This will exclude any regimens that include the checked ARVs from the results. ARVs that are in the current regimen will not be excluded. Please note, if a specific individual ARV is excluded (e.g., TDF), all combinations that include this drug (e.g., TDF/FTC) will also be excluded.
Select the ART regimen you are considering for this patient.